13 May 2008


Hey all, I have adjusted to my new day job. It seemed easy - I was supposed to turn lions into lambs all through March. I thought I did a pretty good job, but turns out, there was a *lot* of cleanup in April. And mint jelly.

This year at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in the Catskills of New York, there is some serious shit going on. I feel like it's in my head.

The lineup of this festival...so many bands I loved get a chance to play music to the masses. My Bloody Valentine, Meat Puppets, Built to Spill (performing Perfect from Now on, one of my favorite albums of all time). Shellac. Polvo. Mercury Rev?!? Dinosaur Jr.?>? Yo la Tengo? Some guy named Thurston. When did the concert I always wanted to happen decide to do this? This is like Fugazi opening for the Clash opening for Johnny Cash backed by the Stooges opening for the Stones opening for the Beatles opening for me.

I'm not going, damnit. But the band-performing-album-straight-through dynamic is something I am very, very excited about, and hope it sticks. Three quick notes about the records being played at ATP:

(1) Tortoise. Millions of Us are Living and Will Never Die. I'm not extremely familiar with this record, but I'm statutorially familiar with the 21-minute track 'Djed'. I think it's the second track on the album? I will sorely and bacterially miss hearing this track live.

(2) Meat Puppets. Meat Puppets II. Are you kidding me? Are you frakkin kidding me?!?

Any fan of indie rock music secretly hopes that they have the obscure band in the watch pocket. Meat Puppets II was mine. Between St. Louis and Philadelphia, I only met one other person who loved the Meat Puppets. And he wore an oversized lime green blazer. And he was named Shannon. (Shannon, either you're Irish or you're not tucking between your legs, you're just lacking. Own up.)

Then Nirvana went in '93 and covered three Meat Puppets II songs during their Unplugged set and I lost my angle. So yeah, I guess I have a motive for the Cobain killing. I was home knitting. Still, listen to that album.

(3) Built to Spill - Perfect from Now On. The most ironic album title of all time. This album is perfect. Well, nearly perfect--the drums were recorded, carried out to the toolshed, hacked up by the hirsute uncle and pasted to tape with horse glue. But man, this album--

This album can be graphed and scaled. It's the most phenomenally sequenced record ever made. The first song, 'Randy Described Eternity', starts you from the top of your roof and launches you. And the rest is like a Hendrix record.


Blogger Dave Cavalier said...

Lord A-mighty! that's a hell of a line up. As you know, couldn't agree with you more on BTS: Perfect from Now On. I am still haunted by the fact that the boiler in the basement of my building plays a Bb and makes a sound just like "Randy Describes Eternity." i think of that song every time I go down there.

3:27 PM  

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