28 August 2008


The days of true punk rock as we grew up to love it are over. 3 of the Ramones are dead. Joe Strummer is dead. The punk rockers from that era either got jobs or dress funny and hang out outside McDonalds.

So how much room is there for punk rock? In 2008? A little skeptical as I read this headline:

This Cuban punk rocker got thrown in jail.

Ok, a Cuban in jail. Of course, it happens all the time. They paddle to Miami with those delicious sandwiches, and we can't help but arrest them. But this is a little different. As the BBC News reports, one of the charges against him is "dangerousness". Dangerousness!

Let's forget for a second that being accused of "danger" would be a lot funnier and a lot more grammatically correct. Can you imagine being in a prison, rotting away, with a charge of 'dangerousness' against you? You'd feel ten feet tall, mostly because all of the dicks what got stuck in you.

Perp1 (you): What you in for?
Perp2: Murder 1. You?
Perp1: Dangerousness.
Perp3: Pretty mouth!

etc, etc.

I haven't heard the music, but it must take tostones to roast the government in Cuba. But I don't fuckin' buy it -- the guy's band is called "Porno Para Ricardo", which translates word for word to 'Sex For Richard'. And what kind of a fuckin band name is that? Would you go see a band called 'Sex For Richard'? The singer isn't even named Ricardo. He's named Gorki. So who the fuck is Richard?

I guess my point is, Punk rock is dead. And it's still better to go to jail in the U.S. than Cuba.


Blogger Dave Cavalier said...

I think it translates at "Porno for Richard," which isn't much better. Pero, no se.

4:04 PM  

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